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2018 Jenny Spangler Winter Running Programs

Don't train alone this winter. Join in with Jenny's running groups and get more out of this winter's training!

This winter I will be holding our Tuesday evening interval workout with our "base" location being at Amphibian Multisport in Libertyville. Bring your headlamp and reflective gear as we train fast in the neighborhoods of Libertyville.

My Wednesday morning program starting at the Gurnee Centre Club is back for another year. Please note that the workout will begin at 9 AM.

Wednesday evening I will be conducting a new program - “Strengthening Your Stride” - with the physical therapists at Grayslake Rehabilitation. Each week we will begin with a short interval workout focusing on improving speed stamina. Then we'll meet in the GLR facility and get personal attention with core strength, flexibility, and motor control. We will learn and gain from a proven foundation of glute activation and strengthening to power our running to the next level.

During the first session, each participant will be taken through a Functional Movement Screening to identify limitations or asymmetries as well as determine baseline movement. The results derived from this screen will allow us to make programming decisions and guide exercise selection with precision and purpose. This will maximize the benefit to your running while minimizing your non-running exercise time.

All of these programs are designed for those of you who are interested in establishing and/or improving your aerobic and anaerobic base through interval workouts during the winter months.

Click here to obtain a copy of the 2018 Jenny Spangler Winter Running Programs Brochure (PDF file).

Click here to obtain a copy of the 2018 GLR-Jenny Spangler Winter Program Brochure (PDF file).